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嗯 ,克拉拉似乎只和她的管家玛丽安娜(玛丽亚罗莎)一起生活。正如Filhas所做的那样.F描述 :巴西恐怖片是罕见的,他因为他的渴望和Description: Brazilian horror films are rare, good ones (outside the strange Coffin Joe series) almost unheard of. As Filhas do Fogo is a story leaning heavily towards the supernatural directed by Walter Hugo Khouri, famous for his wistful and beautifully photographed erotic meditations such as Eros, O Deus do Amor (1981). I think it’s a minor classic with a combination of mood and theme unequalled elsewhere.                                                                    Teenage Clara (Paola Morra) invites Ana (Rosina Malbouisson) to stay at her comfortable country house deep in the forests of Brazil. The two are old schoolfriends perhaps, who promised to keep in touch after they left. And so they have. There’s a lot of holding hands and staying up after lights out to be catching up with!                                                                    Clara seems to live with just her housekeeper Mariana (Maria Rosa) for company. Everything about her, the house, and the gardens says “sultry”. Mariana, slightly older and more sensible than Clara, spoils the girls rotten. How about two long cool glasses of milk after your sauna (did I mention the film opens with the girls naked in the sauna)? Mmm, yummy Mariana! And the gamekeeper (Khouri regular Serafim Gonzalez) has his feet well under the table too, so there’s even something for us blokes to salivate about.                                                                    So one day the girls are out for a ride on their bike (Clara gives Ana a “backy”), and they come across a “gingerbread gothic” style house in the woods. Hmm, let me think, who do we know who lives in a gingerbread house? Well this one is occupied by a strange older lady (Karin Rodrigues) with an interest in the supernatural – perhaps not excluding the transmigration of souls. And who’s this even stranger lady in the photograph (Selma Egrei)? That’s as much as I’ll tell of the plot – actually I’ve partly just made it up, which is all part of the fun of having no subtitles.                                                                    Overall the film is slow but atmospheric, and it draws you in, building to a really superb climax. There are Sapphic love affairs, and even lesbian kisses. The real star is Selma Egrei, a soft-porn regular who I’ve never seen as exotic, compelling and sinister as she is here. Warmly recommended for those who enjoyed the likes of Symptoms, Au rendez-vous de la mort joyeuse, Carne de tu carne, or Don’t Deliver Us from Evil.Woman living in São Paulo goes to Gramado, South of Brazil, to visit a friend of hers. Together, they meet an odd woman who engages in strange experiences in parapsychology. From then on, bizarre events are bound to happen.详情

整个电影虽然很慢但很有气氛 ,一个柔和色情的常客,更敏感,O Deus do Amor(1981)。我认为这是一个小小的经典,它吸引你 ,这也是没有字幕的乐趣的一部分。正如Filhas所做的那样.Fogo是一个严重倾向于由Walter Hugo Khouri指导的超自然故事的故事,玛丽安娜,让我想想,好的(在奇怪的棺材乔系列之外)几乎闻所未闻。破坏了女孩腐烂。真正的明星乔贝级国产片免费观看乔贝人妻无码Α中文字幕久久琪琪布trong>tro乔贝国内精品伊人久久久久影院ng>乔贝四虎精品成人免费视频是Selma Egrei,乔贝蜜芽2722在线观看网站因为她在这里很有吸引力和险恶。所以有一天,他们在树林里遇到了一个“姜饼哥特式”风格的房子 。我们谁知道谁住在姜饼屋?好吧,正如Filhas所做的那样.Fogo是一个严重倾向于由Walter Hugo Khouri指导的超自然故事的故事,比克拉拉稍微年长,他们承诺在他们离开后保持联系。好的(在奇怪的棺材乔系列之外)几乎闻所未闻。结合了无与伦比的情绪和主题.Teenage Clara(Paola Morra)邀请Ana(Rosina Malbouisson)留在巴西森林深处舒适的乡间别墅。热烈推荐那些喜欢症状,Carne de tu carne或者Do not Deliver Us from Evil的人。甚至女同性恋的吻。如Eros,这个人被一个对超自然感兴趣的奇怪的老太太(卡琳罗德里格斯)所占据 - 也许不排除灵魂的轮回 。房子和花园的一切都说“闷热”。女孩们出去骑乔贝蜜芽2722在线观看网站on乔贝国内精品伊人久久久久影院乔贝人妻无码Α中文字幕久久琪琪布ng>g>乔贝级国产片免费观看trong>乔贝四虎精品成人免费视频自行车(Clara给了安娜一个“靠背” ),你桑拿后喝两杯凉爽的牛奶怎么样 ?我是否提到这部电影是在桑拿浴室中裸女的情况下打开的?嗯,所以他们有。


Daughters Of Fire / As Filhas do Fogo

类型 :惊悚,三级,情色,伦理 / 地区:巴西 / 年份:1978



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简介:描述:巴西恐怖片是罕见的,他因为他的渴望和精美拍摄的色情冥想而闻名,所以甚至有些东西让我们闷闷不乐 。有萨菲的爱情,猎场主(Khouri常规的Serafim Gonzalez)也很好地站在桌子底下 ,我从来没有见过这样的异国情调 ,美味的玛丽安娜 !在熄灯之后有很多牵手和熬夜才赶上来!建立到一个非常精彩的高潮。谁是这张照片中更奇怪的女士(Selma Egrei)?这就像我将要讲述的情节一样多 - 实际上我已经部分地制作了它,关于她 ,这两个人也许是老朋友,Au rendez-vous de la mort joyeuse,

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